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Amazon Redshift

The Amazon Redshift connector for rudol allows you to connect your Amazon Redshift data warehouses instances.

Connection parameters

HostnametextPublicly accessible Amazon Redshift server hostname
PortnumberServer port number (5439 by default)
UsertextAmazon Redshift user name, see User permissions
PasswordpasswordAmazon Redshift user password
DatabasetextAmazon Redshift database you want to connect to

User permissions

In order to grant rudol the necessary permissions to fetch your database metadata we recommend you to create a new Amazon Redshift user with access restricted only to the database objects you want to integrate with rudol.


Keep in mind that the created user would have the public Role by default so it will inherit its default permissions

Here is a sample code to create a new user for rudol with minimal permissions for metadata scan:

CREATE USER rudol_user PASSWORD 'My-super-secret-password';

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA my_schema TO rudol_user;


If you want to use Data Quality features these permissions won't be enough: you'll have to grant SELECT to each table you'd like to run tests for, and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE to run validations without locking tables.

Restrict connections by IP Address

You can also restrict access to only accept incoming connections from the rudol public IP Address