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The MariaDB connector for rudol allows you to connect your MariaDB 10 databases.


Your MariaDB server instance must be publicly available through a resolvable DNS hostname or public IPv4, see Security Guidelines to know more on how to apply firewall restrictions

Connection parameters

HostnametextPublicly accesible MariaDB server DNS hostname
PortnumberServer port number (3306 by default)
UsertextMariaDB user name, see User permissions
PasswordpasswordMariaDB user password

User permissions

In order to grant rudol the necessary permissions to fetch your database metadata we recommend you to create a new MariaDB user with access restricted only to the information_schema database.

Here is a sample code to create a new user for rudol with minimal permissions for metadata scan:

CREATE USER 'rudol_user'@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'super-secret-password';

GRANT SELECT ON information_schema.`COLUMNS` TO 'rudol_user'@'';
GRANT SELECT ON information_schema.`TABLES` TO 'rudol_user'@'';

If you want to use Data Quality features these permissions won't be enough: you'll have to grant SELECT to each table you'd like to run tests for, and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE to run validations without locking tables.