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Do you know who owns the 2022_reports table?

Do you remember where did we store that ancient dataset?

If this questions sound familiar you certainly need this integration. Stop alt-tabbing just to browse the docs and get the most out of rudol right in your Slack conversations.

With rudol for Slack you will be able to:

  • Receive alerts about structural changes on Catalog Items you are subscribed to
  • Receive alerts when a Data Validation fails
  • Configure notifications channels
  • Search your Data Catalog
  • Detect rudol URLs to display beautiful (and mostly useful) contextual information


rudol for Slack is available on the Slack Marketplace but you can jump right to the installation using the button bellow.

Once you install rudol for Slack on your Workspace it will be available for all users in the Team. Keep in mind that they will need to Link their rudol account in order to use all functionalities.

Add to Slack

Available slash commands

The main way to interact with rudol for Slack is using the Slash Commands. You can use commands in any conversation by typing /rudol followed by the desired action.

You can check out all available commands in the following table:

helpDisplay a help message with a list of all available commands
loginLink your rudol account to rudol for Slack to interact with the webapp
logoutUnlink your rudol account and delete all access information
configSetup where should Notifications and Alerts be sent for your Organizations
searchSearch the Data Catalog just like you would do in the rudol webapp