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The Teradata connector for rudol allows you to connect your Teradata data warehouse instance.

Connection parameters

HostnametextPublicly accessible Teradata server hostname
PortnumberServer port number (1025 by default)
UsertextTeradata user name, see User permissions
PasswordpasswordTeradata user password

User permissions

To ensure that rudol has the required permissions to retrieve your database metadata, we recommend creating a new Teradata user. Create and assign a profile to this user, limiting access to only the necessary database objects you intend to integrate with rudol.


You can check the docs on how to create a Teradata DB profile here

Here is a sample code to create a new role, profile and user for rudol with minimal permissions:

CREATE ROLE rudol_role;

GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE ON your_database TO rudol_role;

CREATE PROFILE rudol_profile AS
ACCOUNT = ('your_account')
SPOOL = 536870912 -- Pool size of 512 MB, adjust if necessary
DEFAULT DATABASE = your_database;

CREATE USER rudol_user
DEFAULT ROLE = rudol_role,
PERMANENT = 536870912 -- Pool size of 512 MB, adjust if necessary

MODIFY USER rudol_user AS
PROFILE = rudol_profile;

Restrict connections by IP Address

You can also restrict access to only accept incoming connections from the rudol public IP Address. Check here for more information: Security and Privacy